Frequently Asked Questions – What You Need to Know

Listed here are our frequently asked questions & the past surcharge examples (currently not applicable)

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FAQ Tech Questions

Yes, we recommend pinning the hood's front on all bolt-on styles.

Because it is an aftermarket fiberglass hood & is significantly lighter than the factory, wind can get up underneath the hood & the hood can either fly off or start to separate over time – hood pins are highly recommended for safety & longevity.

NO! Push pins do NOT work & we do not recommend using them. The hood will most likely fly off. If you choose to use push pins, we are NOT liable.

NO! Modifications like trimming & adjusting the hinges may be needed for a perfect fit. No aftermarket product is a direct fit.

The bolt-on bolts to your factory hinges, while the pin on is strictly a lift-off.

The best way to measure is to take a straight edge across your fenders, measure up, write that measurement down. Then put the same straight edge across your hood & measure the bow of your hood. Write that down and take that, minus the first measurement. That should give you an approximate height of what you will need.

If your hood is bowing in the middle, you will have to drop the furthest forward bolt hole on the hinges where it bolts to the fender. You may need to make further adjustments than the factory allowed to accommodate the fiberglass bolt-on hoods' extra thickness on certain hoods, and you may have to shim the fenders for proper fitment.

Our trunk lids are OVERSIZED cutting & trimming will be required for a perfect fit – we leave our trunk lids oversized so our customers can get their gaps exactly how they want them. No fiberglass part is “fit right out of the box” modifications & fitting are required.

No, our hoods have a fiberglass finish behind the smooth frame.

No, you will have to take the hood to your local body/paint shop, and we will not smooth out the hood here.


Yes. Many of our parts are oversized for shipping purposes & may need to be trimmed to fit.

Yes, you can return any product within 30 days if it has not already been modified/worked on (trimmed, sanded down, painted, holes drilled, etc.) – you will have to pay for the shipping back since there is nothing “wrong” with the part, it just requires trimming to fit.

NO. Only our pin-on hoods will work with the fiberglass front ends. Our front ends are lift-off & have a lip where the pin on the hood sits & can be fastened with dzus fasteners. You will need a front-end mounting kit or build your tree to mount the front end.

No, they come ready to be prepped, primed, and painted. They come in high-quality, sandable semi-gloss smooth black gel-coat – we only use a high-quality BLACK gel coat. NOTE: the semi-gloss black gel coat is NOT meant to be the final finish – it is intended to be painted.

Yes. All bolt-on products come with bolts already placed in the part – please use the bolts provided.

You will need low tension hood springs (depending on the vehicle) & hood pins, which we carry. WE DO NOT CARRY FLAT COIL SPRINGS.

If it is a Mopar, call Herb Beer at +1 (501) 984-4160 – he modifies Mopar springs
For others: if yours are old/weak, they may work. If they don’t, you can either: re-clock them or take them completely off & use a prop rod.

Yes. We do not chrome here, but companies out there can send your bumpers to.

No, you will have to drill the holes yourself or take it to a body shop.

Yes. You can install your factory latch in the fiberglass bolt on the hood, depending on the car. With most Pontiac/some Buick hoods, if you want the latch installed, it has to be sent to us so we can install it while the hood is in the middle of production – there is a $40.00 latch installation charge (we still recommend hood pins even with the latch installed).

Yes. We do scoop installations extend front ends & hoods, and we CAN NOT modify our molds to make scoops taller. NOTE: We can only do scoop installations if we have a mold of the scoop or if you send us a fiberglass scoop from a different company.

No, we only work with fiberglass.

It depends on how backed up on mold work we are & if we get a call for the part. If we are too backed up or do not get any call for that particular part, we would not take on the project. On any mold work inquiries – we recommend giving us a call!

Yes, we do repair work. The quote depends on the amount of work & material it takes to fix the part. We recommend bringing the product to us to get the most accurate quote.

No, we, unfortunately, cannot due to not having any cars here to fit parts on to trim. You will have to do all the trimming yourself once you receive your order or take it to your local body shop.

We do not. The only hardware we carry are low tension hood springs, flip over hood pins, & hairpin style hood pins – WE DO NOT CARRY FACTORY 442 PIN KITS.

No, we only make fiberglass.

About 1/8″.

It depends on the width of the cowl that is already on the hood & what cowl you want to replace it. Some scoops leave too big of a hole for certain scoops to fully cover – if the hole is too wide & there will be gaps, no, we will not be able to.

Yes, we can extend a front end at the back of the fenders. Go to the “custom work” tab for pricing.

No, our hoods are ALL fiberglass – besides the steel nuts in bolt-on style products.

Yes, we do. It is twice the price as the fiberglass & weighs about 1/3 less. NOTE: It does not have a carbon fiber finish due to the semi-gloss smooth black gel-coat we put over it.

FAQ General Questions

No, we are mostly made to order. We only stock a few popular bolt-on hoods during our slower season to prepare for the beginning of our busy season.

No, sorry. We do not expedite orders during our busy season.

No, unfortunately, we do not accept Paypal. Our credit card merchant services do not offer Paypal. We accept credit/debit cards – VISA, American Express, Discover & Mastercard. Along with cashier checks & money orders. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECKS!

We charge the card once we begin the order's production, which is typically about a week before it ships. If the card gets declined, we will give you a call to let you know – if the order remains unpaid, we don’t receive any sort of update, or we don’t hear back from you, etc. after two weeks, the products will go to the next customer in line.

Yes! Customers can pick up at our location in Naperville, IL NOTE: Illinois sales tax will apply.

No. All customer pick-ups come loose due to our boxes being oversized for shipping purposes & will not fit in the back of a pick-up truck – but you can request to have your order boxed or crated – refer to “Packaging Prices” on the menu bar.

Yes, all non-custom orders may be canceled. NOTE: All canceled orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee taken from the total amount of the order in production or has already been made/packaged.

No. We are open Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST.

No one is close enough to the shop or available for weekend pickups, and all pickups have to be done during our normal business hours.

No, we do not have an online ordering system. The best way to place an order is to give us a call at +1 (630) 978-9897.

Yes, check out our GLASSTEK Garage Sale tab.

No, we currently do not have any sales/specials/promotions.

We do not have any package deals, but we can ship everything out for one shipping cost & waive packaging fees (excluding crates).

No. We charge cards once we begin the order's production, typically a week or less before it ships – unless the order contains Lexan windows.

Yes, before 30 days & if the merchandise is still in new condition – refer to “Sales Policies” for more details.

Yes, we can split the total up to between multiple cards.

Lead times vary & are NOT guaranteed, and they are estimates! – please keep in mind that we are a small business with a handful of employees, and sources out of our control can cause delays (check Sales Policies for more info).

Yes, but our printed catalog does not include pictures, only the part number, description & pricing. Send us an email at [email protected] with your mailing address to get a free catalog mailed to you.

No, as stated on each product page Glasstek Inc. is not responsible for any misprints/typos on the website & all prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing from our official/master catalog is what will be honored. 

Third-party Orders

If you order our parts from a third-party site, you will have to contact them directly regarding all the information on your order. We will not provide you with an ETA or shipping information – ANY RETURNS WILL HAVE TO BE DONE THROUGH THE THIRD PARTY! – WE CAN NOT TAKE IT BACK IF NOT DIRECTLY ORDERED THROUGH US!

No. Only credit/debit cards over the phone or money orders/cashier’s checks.

No, we do not price match. Our quality differs from other fiberglass companies.

If the hood were purchased 30 days ago, we would not accept it. If it is before the 30 days, you can come here to switch it out if you’re local – if you are in a different state, you can ship it back to us.

NOTE: The customer is responsible for ALL shipping charges for any returns/exchanges unless GLASSTEK Inc‘s mistake.

FAQ Shipping Questions

Yes, we can ship to your house if a semi-truck can get in your residential area. NOTE: Residential fees apply!

Unfortunately, once the freight is signed for, it is completely out of our hands & between the customer & the trucking line. You will have to call the trucking line & see if they would be willing to pick the freight back up – it is up to the trucking line. If they refuse, you do have the option of filing a claim with them to either have the product repaired or claim it as totaled & order a new one once it is paid for. We do not have any pull or say once it is signed for. To avoid a difficult situation like this – PLEASE INSPECT & LET ANYONE WHO MAY BE RECEIVING THE FREIGHT FOR YOU KNOW TO INSPECT BEFORE SIGNING FULLY!

Once the trucking line picks up, it is out of our hands. We recommend contacting the carrier directly for any updates, and they will be able to help you better than we can. They will be able to look into their system to inform you of any notations & give you a more accurate ETA.


NO, you are responsible for unloading your freight – the trucking line does “tailgate” deliveries. If you cannot unload the freight yourself & need a liftgate, the trucking line charges an ADDITIONAL $50.00 for this service.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done other than pay the money to a body shop for repairs in this case. Trucking lines have a 48-hour window to report any concealed damage – if it goes past that, it is out of our hands. *ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR FREIGHT UPON ARRIVAL TO AVOID THIS!*

INSPECT THE FREIGHT! – YOU need to be there to inspect the freight. If you sign or have someone else sign for you before it is inspected & there is concealed damage, we will not be able to help, the freight will be yours & you will be responsible. Any solutions will have to be between you & the trucking line. We will not get the hood shipped back free astray due to damage once signed for. *instructions on what to do if freight arrives damaged located at the bottom*.

Yes. Once orders are shipped out, we send you an email with all the tracking info – if you do not provide us with an email, we will call you.

You will have to call the trucking line to reschedule & you will be charged a re-delivery fee. The charge depends on which trucking line is handling your freight – they will let us know the charge since it is under our account & we will charge your card for that amount.

No, customs fees are separate from the shipping cost/quote. You will be billed directly from the trucking line for any customs fees.

Yes, but the business has to be at a COMMERCIAL address (on the main road surrounded by other companies) – any businesses at a house are still considered/zoned residential.

Yes – make sure to state you would like to pick up at the trucking line’s terminal when placing your order.

The trucking line will call you for residential deliveries to set up an appointment.

All shipping companies have delays & the estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. We recommend giving the trucking line’s customer service line a call with your tracking number to find out further information & an accurate delivery date.

No, we only ship to Canada & anywhere within the USA. We can ship to a freight forwarder, or international customers can set up their shipping.

Yes. Someone does have to sign for the freight – UPS Ground packages do not require a signature.

Yes, but there is a re-consignment fee for the trucking line charges.

Yes, but the trucking line does charge between $85.00 – $90.00 for a lift gate – our parts & packaging are light & do not require a lift gate. They can be unloaded between 1-2 people – large crates may need a 3rd person.

Processes depend on the trucking line used to ship your freight – instructions based on the trucking line listed below:

No, the trucking lines do charge a $125.00 fee for the lift gate. If you choose to accept the lift gate service your card on file will be charged $125.00 for the service. 

Yes. If a business is run out of a home/residential address the trucking line's residential fee WILL apply. If you are originally quoted & charged for a commercial address shipping cost & it turns out the business is run out of a home - your card on file will be charged the $85.00 residential fee at a later date once we receive the truck bill. NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Option 1

Refuse the package (HIGHLY recommended) – the damaged freight will come back to us, we will be able to take care of everything & get the freight shipped back ASAP.

Option 2

Filing a claim with the trucking line if you are going to have someone local fix the product. You can only file for the cost of repairs, NOT THE SHIPPING COSTS. If you choose this route: MARK ON THE BOL (BILL OF LADING) THE FREIGHT ARRIVED DAMAGED. - TAKES BETWEEN 60-120 DAYS FOR CLAIMS TO BE RESOLVED!

WARNING: Keep in mind, if you choose option #2 everything that happens after you accept the freight damaged & file the claim is completely out of our hands. It will be between you & the trucking line. We unfortunately will not have any pull or say.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee the full claim will be approved.

Show/Swap Meet Info

We are currently only attend 1 show so far a year. Every year we attend:

  • Indy Mopar Show – Indianapolis, IL